Workplace Options Introduces iConnectYou – One-Touch Access to Well-Being Support

Raleigh, N.C. (July 16, 2014) – Good, professional help used to be hard to find. Not anymore.

Today, Workplace Options, the world’s leading employee effectiveness and well-being provider, announced the launch of its second mobile app, which will give employees anywhere in the world one-touch access to professional counselling and coaching services through their employer’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) or well-being services. The new app, iConnectYou, is now available for free in the U.S. through Apple’s iPhone App Store. Eventually, it will be rolled out worldwide.

“One of the main reasons people don’t get the help they need is because they don’t have access to the right help in the moment they need it,” said Dean Debnam, chief executive officer of Workplace Options. “iConnectYou changes that. This app provides immediate, secure, and confidential access to clinical counselors, wellness coaches, or work-life experts through the employee support programs offered by employers. Regardless of where a person is or what support they need, help is now never more than one touch away.”

With a simple tap on the screen, iConnectYou allows employees to connect to a variety of professional help via video, phone or text. Employees can connect instantly, schedule an appointment with a professional of a particular speciality at a later time or date, or browse self-help resources all from the convenience of a single app.

“The future of employee well-being programs is about access – we have to find new ways to finding new ways to meet people where they are and where they need us,” said Alan King, president and chief operating officer of Workplace Options. “There are other tools out there that can conveniently connect people to an EAP, but iConnectYou is the first that allows the end user to access the services they need, pick the resource that’s right for them, and get help on the spot. You don’t have to remember a phone number or be in front of a laptop with a webcam. Help is just a touch away.”

Through iConnectYou, Workplace Options offers custom access to its own resources or those of its EAP partners. EAPs can choose to make all of their services or a select group of counselors or coaches available to employees of any organization they serve. The app can work with clinical, wellness, work-life or any other person-based employee well-being services offered by EAPs.

“Offline, people have the ability to choose the professionals they want to use or speak with when it comes to any kind of assistance imaginable,” King said. “We’re bringing that freedom and flexibility of choice together with the convenience of mobile technology.”
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