Workplace Options Fortifies Commitment to Europe with Acquisitions of ICAS France and ICAS Belgium

Global employee well-being provider combines strengths with domestic market leaders to create new possibilities for companies and employees across Western Europe



Raleigh, N.C. (March 10, 2017) – Workplace Options, the leading provider of integrated global employee well-being solutions, has acquired ICAS France and ICAS Belgium, two prominent and highly-regarded domestic employee support organizations with unparalleled expertise in their respective markets.

Workplace Options will combine the local personnel and infrastructure of both organizations with its own to immediately become a top-three provider of employee well-being services in each market.

“Over the past five years, we’ve done more to expand our global infrastructure than the rest of our industry combined, and this is another step forward that strengthens our commitment to France, Belgium, and all of Western Europe,” said Dean Debnam, chief executive officer at Workplace Options. “The ICAS brand is strong in these markets and the people who are part of these organizations are even stronger. This is a deal that will benefit everyone involved, but none more that the companies that we are now serving across France and Belgium.”

Clients served by ICAS France and ICAS Belgium will receive the added benefit of access to Workplace Options’ worldwide reach. This includes access to the organization’s global infrastructure, its 24/7 global clinical answer service, and its industry-leading service technology and mobile applications.

“We’ve been the most successful company in our industry when it comes to combining technology and service with the cultural needs of employees and businesses across the world – and we look forward to bringing that experience and expanding that expertise in these markets,” said Alan King, president and chief operating officer at Workplace Options. “We’re excited to have the opportunity to learn and work with the great teams in place at ICAS France and ICAS Belgium as we combine the best parts of each organization and deliver a new level of employee support for businesses throughout Western Europe.”

For Workplace Options, the additions of new capacity and staff that are part of this deal significantly expand the organization’s existing operations in France, and establish a new physical presence in Belgium. However, the most significant added benefit is the immense local market and cultural knowledge of the ICAS teams, which can now be used to assist and serve Workplace Options’ clients across the world.

Since 1998 and 1999 respectively, ICAS France and ICAS Belgium have provided emotional and psychological employee support services to companies across each country and beyond. Now with the backing of Workplace Options’ global reach, technology, and holistic service, the leaders of these franchises are enthusiastic about the prospects for the future.

“Workplace Options is a company that shares the values that we’ve always lived by, which include putting the people we serve first and delivering the support these people need above all else,” said Yves Bassens, associate director of ICAS France who now becomes the managing director of Workplace Options France and Belgium. “Our beliefs are the same. Our dedication to our clients is the same. And I am very much looking forward to showing the companies we serve what’s possible now that we are working together.”

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