General Data Protection Regulation: Workplace Options Proceeds with Efforts to Ensure Compliance

Employee support provider, Workplace Options, is working to ensure compliance with the new data protection law in the European Union (EU). The new regulation, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), will require compliance for all businesses that serve individuals from EU countries.

GDPR is a complete overhaul of a European Union (EU) privacy law, Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC, that was first established in 1995. As of May 25, 2018, GDPR will come into effect. This update to the law puts EU citizens firmly in control of their own information and puts significant penalties on organizations that do not comply with the structure of the law, as well as the support for the individual.

The employee wellbeing industry needs to respond to this law to continue to serve clients throughout the EU. Workplace Options has put into place a plan and taken steps toward compliance, so there will be no issues as the May 25th change occurs in the law. Part of this includes creating a customized statement for client interactions. Workplace Options also has consistent policy across any medium or platform that a client may use to interact with the service, including websites, smartphone applications, telephones, and text-based services.

Strengthening data privacy and security rules is an ongoing and active endeavor within the organization. Workplace Options, beginning in 2012, added unique design elements into its technology systems to allow them to adapt to a variety of anticipated changes and potential new requirements. With UCMS, Workplace Options’ proprietary case management system, there is the ability to store members’ private information in the EU, or in any country, that has a similar local storage requirement.

“We built UCMS to respond to increasingly more complex privacy laws around the world,” stated Alan King, president and chief operating officer of Workplace Options. “We disconnect the personal information of a user from the actual case information, and house it in a database that is separate from the case information. That personal information can be housed at any location that is requested by privacy laws or our clients and partners. That personal information is a key that unlocks a case in a database, and the case in the database is completely anonymous. Because UCMS was designed this way, that puts us ahead of the curve on compliance for these laws,” added King.

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