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Bristol News – Martin Foxwell

  Jan. 25, 2018

Consulting Corner: Addressing Assignee Mental Health Through EAPs

Jean-Baptiste Gruet (JB), Senior Vice President of Global Business Solutions for Workplace Options speaks with Bristol News about implementation and utilization of employee assistance programs around the world, unique stresses of mobile employees, removing stigma, and more.”

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Rachel Feintzeig – Wall Street Journal

  May 8, 2017

Feeling Burned Out at Work? Join the Club

Stress and anxiety are cited in 70% of the calls placed to phone-counseling lines at Workplace Options, a provider of employee-assistance programs; in 2014, 50% of callers complained of those feelings. Total calls to those counseling lines reached 42,500 last month, an 18% increase from 2016’s average.

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  Jan. 21, 2016

Why Worker Engagement is Key to China Competitiveness

Could corporate social responsibility (CSR) be the secret weapon to countering s0me of the challenges currently facing apparel and textile producers in China? New initiatives and in-factory research suggests that not only is an engaged workforce likely to be more motivated and easier to retrain, but is more productive too – with benefits ultimately being seen on…

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Dean Debnam – huffingtonpost.com

  Jan. 7, 2016

Huge Rise in Global Employee Depression, Stress, and Anxiety Since 2012

Employee mental health is an issue that impacts the ultimate success of every business on the planet. If you’re a business leader and your employees’ emotional well-being wasn’t already on the top of your list of priorities for 2016, it needs to be.

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Employee Benefits

  Dec. 18, 2015

EAP Cases Dealing With Employee Anxiety Increase by 74%

The number of employee anxiety cases dealt with through employee assistance programmes (EAPs) increased by 74% between 2012 and 2014, according to data from Workplace Options.

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Martha C. White – Time.com

  Aug. 31, 2015

8 Tips for Coping with an Angry Coworker

Although discussions of workplace violence in the wake of the Virginia shooting have centered around how employers can handle volatile employees, this isn’t just an issue for managers: The people who have to work side-by-side with short-tempered or confrontational workers also need tools to cope with these difficult colleagues.

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Huffington Post

  Oct. 11, 2014

When You Tell an Employee ‘Family Comes First,’ Do You Mean It?

It’s time to take a look at whether we — as business owners — are living up to our end of the bargain when we tell employees ‘Family Comes First.’

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Irish Examiner

  Jul 30, 2014

Workplace Conflict: Can We Talk About It?

Most of us see ourselves as the good guys in work conflict situations, and therein lies the problem. If you observed a pack of animals of the same species cooped up together in adjoining fresh-air-free cubicles from 9am to 5pm …

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Irish Independent

  Jun 29, 2014

Are Irish Companies Setting Tech Trends?

With a growing interest in employee wellness from companies all around the world – especially here in Ireland, businesses are finding that if they can provide (and encourage employees to use) programmes that keep them healthy, in body and in mind, both the business and its employees win.

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Personnel Today

  Sep 24, 2012

National Work-Life Week Emphasises Importance of Balance Amid Economy Worries

As the British economy continues to struggle and job security is at the forefront of worker’s minds, work-life balance is disappearing for many UK workers. In fact, eight out of ten Britons say they continue to worry about work problems outside of the office, up from 73% in 2004, according to the 29th annual edition of British Social Attitudes Report.

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Personnel Today

  June 21, 2012

Workplace Options Introduces Carer’s Pack to Aid Employers

According to Carers UK, one in five carers will quit their job due to the pressure of trying to balance work with their caring responsibilities. In addition, approximately 625,000 carers suffer from poor mental and physical health as a result of the emotional and physical demands of caring.

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Personnel Today

  Jan 26, 2012

Workplace Options takes EAP services direct to Ireland

Workplace Options, the world’s largest work-life employee benefits provider, announced plans to offer Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) services direct to organisations across Ireland, effective immediately. This new arrangement allows the company to provide a more diverse portfolio of employee effectiveness services – at a lower price.

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